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There is no such thing as a dumb question...

What experience does one need to be a successful synchronized swimmer?

Basic swimming skills are needed (i.e., elementary backstroke, freestyle, butterfly, breast, treading water) in order to be comfortable in the water. While we will teach you the rest, the biggest thing needed is a lot of determination and dedication!

What types of equipment will I need?

A swimsuit for starters, a pair of goggles, a latex or silicone swim cap and a pair of nose clips. All of these can be found at A black suit is needed for figure competition as well as a white swim cap and we will provide you with a routine suit and headpiece for routines.

Are there any cuts on the team?

While the coaching staff determines routines placements, there are no cuts on this team.

How much does all this cost?

Season fees are kept at a minimum provided the team has successful fundraisers! In the past season fees were typically around $25. The team fundraises for uniforms, routine suits, headpieces, supplies, official fees, meet fees, ribbons, etc. Of course there are always last minute team outings to Applebee's or Baskin Robins, which are out-of-pocket expenses:)

My brothers friend's uncle said synchro is dumb and isn't a sport

While most synchronized swimmers have unfortunately heard this before we can assure you this is not the case. Synchronized Swimming was added to the Olympic Games in 1984. While we may not receive as much televised coverage such as other sports, we are in fact a growing sport.

My parents want me to do a sport but they don't know anything about synchronized swimming...can I still join?

Yes you certainly can. We always have a parents meeting at the beginning of the season to help the new parents. In addition to personal meeting, we provide each family with a parents handbook to assist them throughout the course of the season.

I only want to do synchro to earn my letter...

While the team is a varsity sport at Huron High School there are requirements and criteria that must be met by each swimmer in order to receive a varsity letter.

I really want to join but I'm shy and have a hard time making friends...

We have a "big-sister/little-sister" program here at Huron Synchro. You will be paired up with an older swimmer that will act as your big-sister throughout the season. They are there every step of the way!

I'm a guy and I want to join your team...can I?

Yes you can join the Huron Synchro team.

I want to continue swimming synchro in college, are there any teams?

There are many different varsity and club teams at the collegiate level. If you go to you will find an entire webpage devoted to college teams and programs.


Remember to start saving those milk jugs!