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Lindsay Hanna:

Lindsay is a senior at Huron. She has been on the Huron Synchronized Swimming team since she was a freshman. Lindsay swam on A-team both her sophmore and junior years. She has also participated in the club team the Ann Arbor Aquarians, and in 2004 she competed on the 16-17 team at nationals in Indianapolis. Before Lindsay entered high school, she participated in the OHAC summer synchro program for many years. Lindsay is a dedicated swimmer, and wonderful leader for the Huron Synchro Team.

More info to come...

Laura Hoffman:
Laura is also be a senior at Huron this year. She has been on the Huron Synchro team since she was a freshman, and has competed on A-Team all of her three past years. In 2003 she competed with the Huron A-Team in the North Zones synchro competition. Before she came to the Huron team, she competed on the Ann Arbor Aquarians for two and a half years, and participated in summer synchro at OHAC, a local neighborhood pool. Laura has continued to compete on the Ann Arbor Aquarians post-season. She traveled to Indianapolis in 2004 to compete in the 18-19 team competition at nationals, and to Buffalo, NY in 2005 to also compete in the 18-19 team competition. Laura is a strong swimmer and helps unify the team.
More info to come...

Casey Leonard:
Casey, who is a senior this year, joined the Huron Synchro team as a sophomore. As a junior, Casey competed on A-Team, A-Trio, and B-Duet. Casey joined the Ann Arbor Aquarians after the Huron season in 2004, and competed at the Regional competition in Livonia. When Casey was younger, she participated in the OHAC summer synchro program. Casey is very talented, and adds a unique sense of humor as a leader to the team.
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Former Team Captains
Kelly Kryskowski......attending MSU
Meg Throckmorton...attending Miami U (Ohio)
Katie Messana.........attending U of M
Libby Kryskowski......attending MSU
Elisa Shyu...............attending U of M
Rebecca Maybaum
Leah Ginsburg
2000 - 2001
Jennifer Bushaw
Emily Gordon
Rachel Otto
1999 - 2000
Jennifer Bushaw
Rachel Otto
1998 - 1999
Megan Lake
Betsy Flanagan

The average GPA of the team is 3.74...