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2004-2005 Season

Figure State Meet:

A Figures:

3rd Place: Jenny Gilham

7th Place: Catherine Harris

B Figures:

14th Place: Lauren Rezewski

17th Place: Sylvia Clare

C Figures:

4th Place: Casey Leonard

6th Place: Debbie Pierce

14th Place: Joy Gregg

D Figures:

4th Place: Laura Hoffman

8th Place: Lindsay Hanna

Huron Vs Monroe
1st place finishers - Catherine Harris(A), Casey Leonard(C), Laura Hoffman (D)
2nd place finishers - Lauren Rezewski(B), Debbie Pierce(C), Lindsay Hanna(D)
3rd place finishers - Emily Hines(A), Sylvia Clark(B), Joy Gregg(C)
4th place finishers- Megan Truxall(B)
5th place finishers- Mria Preston(A)
Huron vs. Pioneer
3rd place finishers - Laura Hoffman(D)
4th place finishers - Catherine Harris(A)
5th place finishers - Emily Hines(A), Sylvia Clark(B), Casey Leonard(C)
Huron vs. Troy
1st place finishers- Jenny Gilham(A), Casey Leonard(C)
2nd place finishers - Catherine Harris(A), Lauren Rezewski(B), Laura Hoffman(D)
3rd place finishers - Joy Gregg(C), Lindsay Hanna(D)
4th place finishers - Emily Hines(A), Debbie Pierce(C)
Huron vs. Troy Athens
1st place finishers - Casey Leonard(C), Laura Hoffman(D)
2nd place finishers - Jenny Gilham(A), Lindsay Hanna(D)
3rd place finishers- Catherine Harris(A)
4th place finishers - Emily Hines(A)
5th place finishers - Lauren Rezewski(B), Joy Gregg(C)
Huron vs.Pioneer
2nd place finishers - Jenny Gilham(A)
3rd place finishers - Lauren Rezewski(B)
4th place finishers- Casey Leonard(C), Laura Hoffman(D)
5th place finishers - Catherine Harris(A)

Watch for routine scores to be posted